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  1. Triad/Utrad - F28-200V - Transformers. Dual 14V 0.2Amp.
    Transformers. Dual 14V 0.2Amp 6VA or 28VCT 200ma, single 115V Primary.Split-bobbin wound PCB mount. Series: 28VCT 200ma or Parallel outputs of 14V 200ma. 1/2lb. Learn More
  2. Signal Transformers - MPL-12-1296A - Transformer. Dual 13V primaries, 24VA triple secondaries.
    Transformer. Dual 13VAC primaries (4+3, 2+1). Secondaries: 5+6, and 8+9: 18.6V @ 216mA each, 7+10: 9.6V @ 180mA. 2.5" long x 2" wide x 1" above board. When used with voltage regulators: Regulator 1 - 5VDC 270mA, Regulator II - 12VDC 85mA 12VA. Flathead PCB mount 10 pin. New. Note: All ten terminals are coated with an anti-tarnish coating that disintegrates upon soldering. If you want to just test these transformers, remove the coating by touching with a soldering iron. Gould 294273 REV.00-1. Learn More
  3. Signal Transformers - DST-7-20 - Transformer. Out: 20V 1.8A or 10V 3.6A.
    Transformer, power. Dual Primary: 115/230V. Series output voltage @ current: 20 VAC 1.8Amp. Parallel output voltage @ current: 10 VAC 3.6Amp. Maximum power: 20VA. Mount: PCB 8 pin. Weight: 1.25 lbs. More info: http://www.signaltransformer.com/Data/Datasheets/ST.pdf Learn More
  4. Signal Transformers - PC-34-25 - Transformer, power. 34VCT or 17V.
    Transformer, power. 34VCT at 25mA or 17V at 50mA. Mount: PCB, 6 pin. Learn More
  5. MICROTRAN - PW41-24 - Xfmr
    6-PIN 1.7" x 1.8"xX 1.45" above board. Learn More
  6. - 21%
    UNMARKED - 2718AM2 - Transformer, shielded. Miniature.
    UNMARKED - 2718AM2 - Transformer, shielded. Miniature.
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.00
    Transformer, shielded. Miniature. Package: 10 pin PCB mount.Double marked 92DJ20. No other info available. Learn More
  7. Signal Transformers - PC-24-35 - Transformer. Out: 1VA; 12V 70mA or 24VAC 35mA.
    Transformer. Output: 1VA; 12V 70mA or 24VAC 35mA. Input: 115VAC. Mount: PCB 6 pin. Dimensions: 25.40mm long x 34.92mm wide x 21.08mm high. Rohs compliant. No center tap. Learn More
  8. Signal Transformers - ST-6-36 - Transformer. 36VAC 550mA, 18VAC 1.1Amp.
    Transformer. Maximum power: 20VA. Primary winding(s): single. Secondary winging(s): dual, no center tap. Series output: 36VAC 550mA. Parallel output: 18VAC 1.1Amp. Mount: PCB 6 leads. Learn More
  9. Signal Transformers - PC-16-260 - Transformer. 16VCT 260mA.
    Transformer. 4.4VA. Primary: 115VAC 50-500Hz. Secondary: Series 16VCT 260mA. Parallel 8V 520mA. Mount: PCB 6 Pin. Learn More
  10. Signal Transformers - LP-16-1500 - Transformer, power. 24VA, 8V 3Amp parallel, 16VCT 1.5Amp series. (Dual)
    Transformer, power. 24VA, 8VAC 3Amp parallel, 16VCT 1.5Amp series. (Dual). Mount: PCB, 8 pin. Dimensions: 2.25" wide x 2.818" deep x 1.261" above board. Learn More
  11. MICROTRAN - PL2.5-28 - Transformer Dual 14V 180mA PCB
    Transformer, step-down. 2.5VA. Pri/Sec: 115/230V to Dual 14V or 28VCT at 180mA. Secondary: 180mA each. Connections: pc terminals. Mounting: PCB. Learn More
  12. DAVID SYSTEMS - PT71406 - 0.9"square Mystery Transformer

    0.91"square 0.65"above board - Ratings Unknown - Apparently 4-windings with resistances under an ohm. PC / bobbin leads 0.45" long.

    Learn More
  13. Signal Transformers - BL-1818B - Transformer, triple out.
    Transformer, stepdown. Dual Primaries (115/230 VAC;9-11 and 14-16), Triple Secondaries (7.7 V/3.6A; pins 1-2)(36VCT/0.17A; pins 3-4-5)(27 V/0.9A; pins 7-8), PCB-mount, Size: 2-5/8" x 2-3/16" x 2". OEM-Custom Learn More
  14. UNMARKED - DL8742 - Maybe a pulse transformer?
    Maybe a pulse transformer or delay line? Double marked 41-36. Package: 8 Dip. Note: Unknown manufactures logo. Learn More
  15. STANCOR - LB610 - 10VCT 0.6AA or 5V 1.2Amp 6VA Dual Primaries
    Dual Pri 115/230V, Low Boy Series Outputs: 10VCT 600ma, Parallel Outputs: 5V 1.2Amp 6VA PCB Mount Low profile Low Boy http://www.stancor.com/wrdstc/pdfs/Catalog_2006/Pg_025_26.pdf Learn More
  16. Signal Transformers - DST-6-20 - Transformer. Out: 20V@1A or 10V@2A.
    Transformer, power. Dual Primary: 115/230V. Series output voltage @ current: 20 VAC 1Amp. Parallel output voltage @ current: 10 VAC 2Amp. Maximum power: 20VA. Mount: PCB 8 pin. More info: www.signaltransformer.com/sites/all/pdf/ST.pdf Learn More
  17. Signal Transformers - ST-3-20 - Transformer, 20VCT 0.12Amp.
    Transformer. Series: 20VCT 0.12Amp. Parallel: 10V 0.24Amp. Mount: PCB. More info: http://www.signaltransformer.com/sites/all/pdf/ST.pdf Learn More
  18. Signal Transformers - DST-4-28 - Transformer, power. 115/230V 28VAC/200mA.
    Transformer, power. Input 115/230V VAC Dual Primary Winding(s) Dual. Secondary Winding(s) 14V/200mA each [14V/400mA in parallel and 28V/200mA in series] Maximum Power 6 VA. Package: 8 pin. Mount: PCB. Rohs compliant. More Info: http://ww2.pulseeng.com/products/datasheets/LT2007_42.pdf Learn More
  19. Signal Transformers - LP-34-340 - Transformer. 34CVT @ 340mA.
    Transformer. 12VA Semi Toroidal. Series: 34CVT @ 340mA. Parallel: 17 VAC @ 680mA. Package: Flathead 8 Pin PCB mount. Learn More
  20. Signal Transformers - IF-30-40 - Transformer. Dual 20V sec at 30VA.
    Transformer. 30VA, Dual primary. Input: 115V/230V. Output: 40VCT 750mA. Output parallel: 20V 1.5Amp. Dimensions: 2.68 long x 2.26 wide x 1.39" high. Low profile flat head. Mount: PCB. Weight: 1.23 lbs. More info:http://www.signaltransformer.com/sites/all/pdf/IF.pdf Learn More
  21. Signal Transformers - PC-28-800 - Transformer. 24VA. 14V 1.6A or 28VCT 0.8A.
    Transformer. Power: 24VA. Output: 14V 1.6Amp or 28VCT 800mA. Mount: PCB 6 Pin. Note: Maybe replaced with equal EWC PC-28-800B52. Learn More
  22. PREM - SPW1102 - Transformer. 8V 620mA or 16VCT 310mA.
    Transformer, power. 5VA. Dual 115/230V. Par: 8V 620mA. Series: 16VCT 310mA. Mount: PCB. More info: http://premmagnetics.com/Power/Series/SPW-1104 Learn More
  23. PICO - T-22520 - Transformer. Prim: 25,000 Ohm ct.
    Transformer. Prim: 25,000 Ohm ct. Ser: 1000 Ohm ct. Par: 250 Ohm. Mount: PCB plug-in, 7 leads. More info: http://www.picoelectronics.com/plugin/pe42_43.htm Learn More
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