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  1. Triad/Utrad - F28-200V - Transformers. Dual 14V 0.2Amp.
    Transformers. Dual 14V 0.2Amp 6VA or 28VCT 200ma, single 115V Primary.Split-bobbin wound PCB mount. Series: 28VCT 200ma or Parallel outputs of 14V 200ma. 1/2lb. Learn More
  2. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - MPL-12-1296A - Transformer. Dual 13V primaries, 24VA triple secondaries.
    Transformer. Dual 13VAC primaries (4+3, 2+1). Secondaries: 5+6, and 8+9: 18.6V @ 216mA each, 7+10: 9.6V @ 180mA. 2.5" long x 2" wide x 1" above board. When used with voltage regulators: Regulator 1 - 5VDC 270mA, Regulator II - 12VDC 85mA 12VA. Flathead PCB mount 10 pin. New. Note: All ten terminals are coated with an anti-tarnish coating that disintegrates upon soldering. If you want to just test these transformers, remove the coating by touching with a soldering iron. Gould 294273 REV.00-1. Learn More
  3. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - DPC120-200 BOARD - Dual 60V 0.4A Sec - Isolation Xfmr On a PC board
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $18.95

    Signal Transformers - DPC120-200 BOARD

    Isolation Step down Signal Transformer DPC120-200 on a PCB.

    2 x 60V 0.4AMP **ON A PC BOARD** (for customer convenience)


    DUAL 115/230V PRI 8-PIN 24VA

    SERIES: 120VCT@200MA

    PARALLEL: 60V@400MA

    1.6"L X 2.25"W X 1.38"HIGH 12-0Z EACH.

    Includes terminal / barrier strip for easy connections.

    Laminated core,

    Isolation Voltage - 1500 Vrms, 



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  4. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - DPC-120-200 - Dual Primary Transformer, Isolation/ Step-down. Power: 24VA.
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $12.50 As low as $6.98

    Signal Transformers - DPC-120-200 Transformer, Isolation/Step-down.

    Power: 24VA. Pri/Sec: Dual: 115 / 230VAC Pri to Dual 60VAC 0.4Amp.

    Secondary: Output in Series = 120VCT at 200mA Output in Parallel = 60V at 400mA.

    Construction: Miniature printed circuit board mount. Laminated Core

    Dimensions: 1.6"L X 2.25"W X 1.38"H. (41.3mm x 57.2mm x 34.93mm)

    Weight: 12-oz each.

    Volatege Isolation: 1500Vrms

    8-pin-Series, designed to operate from 50Hz through 500Hz,

    Insulation Class B 130degC UL-1466 E66312 UL-506 and CSA certified to C22.2 #66

    Also useful as 24 Watt Isolation Transformer 120VCT.

    RoHS3 Compliant

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  5. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - DST-7-20 - Transformer. Out: 20V 1.8A or 10V 3.6A.
    Transformer, power. Dual Primary: 115/230V. Series output voltage @ current: 20 VAC 1.8Amp. Parallel output voltage @ current: 10 VAC 3.6Amp. Maximum power: 20VA. Mount: PCB 8 pin. Weight: 1.25 lbs. More info: http://www.signaltransformer.com/Data/Datasheets/ST.pdf Learn More
  6. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - PC-34-25 - Miniature Low Power PC Mount Transformer, Primary 115 VAC Secondary Dual 17 or Series 34V.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $5.95 As low as $2.98

    Signal Transformer - PC-34-25 Low Power Transformer.

    RoHs Compliant

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  7. MICROTRAN - PW41-24 - Xfmr
    6-PIN 1.7" x 1.8"xX 1.45" above board. Learn More
  8. Unidentified MFG - 2718AM2 - Transformer, shielded. Miniature.
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.00

    Miniature shielded transformer. Package: 10 pin PCB mount.Double marked 92DJ20. No other info available.

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  9. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - PC-24-35 - Transformer. Out: 1VA; 12V 70mA or 24VAC 35mA.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $12.50

    Signal Transformers - PC-24-35 Transformer.

    Output: 1VA; Parallel - 12V 70mA or Series - 24VAC, 

    Current output: Parallel - 70 mA, Series  35 mA

    Input: 115VAC, 50-500 Hz

    Mount: PCB 6 pin.

    Dimensions: 25.40mm long x 34.92mm wide x 21.08mm high.

    Weight 0.157 lb (71.21 g) 

    RoHS compliant. No center tap.

    Miniature Low Power Transformers
    Signal’s PC low power transformers are designed to operate between
    50 Hz and 500 Hz without any degradation in output voltage.

    General Specifications
    • Dielectric Strength - 1500 Vrms Hipot
    •  Insulation System - Class B, 130° C, UL 1446 E66312

    Agency Certifications
    • UL recognized to UL 506 / UL 5085-2, File # E63829
    • CSA certified to C22.2 #66.1, File # 221070

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  10. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - ST-6-36 - Transformer. 36VAC 550mA, 18VAC 1.1Amp.
    Transformer. Maximum power: 20VA. Primary winding(s): single. Secondary winging(s): dual, no center tap. Series output: 36VAC 550mA. Parallel output: 18VAC 1.1Amp. Mount: PCB 6 leads. Learn More
  11. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - PC-16-260 - Transformer. 16VCT 260mA.
    Transformer. 4.4VA. Primary: 115VAC 50-500Hz. Secondary: Series 16VCT 260mA. Parallel 8V 520mA. Mount: PCB 6 Pin. Learn More
  12. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - LP-16-1500 - Transformer, power. 24VA, 8V 3Amp parallel, 16VCT 1.5Amp series. (Dual)
    Transformer, power. 24VA, 8VAC 3Amp parallel, 16VCT 1.5Amp series. (Dual). Mount: PCB, 8 pin. Dimensions: 2.25" wide x 2.818" deep x 1.261" above board. Learn More
  13. MICROTRAN - PL2.5-28 - Transformer Dual 14V 180mA PCB
    Transformer, step-down. 2.5VA. Pri/Sec: 115/230V to Dual 14V or 28VCT at 180mA. Secondary: 180mA each. Connections: pc terminals. Mounting: PCB. Learn More
  14. DAVID SYSTEMS - PT71406 - 0.9"square Mystery Transformer

    0.91"square 0.65"above board - Ratings Unknown - Apparently 4-windings with resistances under an ohm. PC / bobbin leads 0.45" long.

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  15. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - BL-1818B - Transformer, triple out.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $18.95 As low as $14.98

    Signal Transformers - BL-1818B  ransformer, stepdown.

    Dual Primaries (115/230 VAC;9-11 and 14-16).

    Triple Secondaries (7.7 V/3.6A; pins 1-2)(36VCT/0.17A; pins 3-4-5)(27 V/0.9A; pins 7-8). 

    PCB-mount, Size: 2-5/8" x 2-3/16" x 2".


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  16. Unidentified MFG - DL8742 - Maybe a pulse transformer?
    Maybe a pulse transformer or delay line? Double marked 41-36. Package: 8 Dip. Note: Unknown manufactures logo. Learn More
  17. STANCOR - LB610 - 10VCT 0.6AA or 5V 1.2Amp 6VA Dual Primaries
    Dual Pri 115/230V, Low Boy Series Outputs: 10VCT 600ma, Parallel Outputs: 5V 1.2Amp 6VA PCB Mount Low profile Low Boy http://www.stancor.com/wrdstc/pdfs/Catalog_2006/Pg_025_26.pdf Learn More
  18. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - DST-6-20 - Transformer. Out: 20V@1A or 10V@2A.
    Transformer, power. Dual Primary: 115/230V. Series output voltage @ current: 20 VAC 1Amp. Parallel output voltage @ current: 10 VAC 2Amp. Maximum power: 20VA. Mount: PCB 8 pin. More info: www.signaltransformer.com/sites/all/pdf/ST.pdf Learn More
  19. Signal Transformers - ST-3-20 - Transformer, 20VCT 0.12Amp.
    Transformer. Series: 20VCT 0.12Amp. Parallel: 10V 0.24Amp. Mount: PCB. More info: http://www.signaltransformer.com/sites/all/pdf/ST.pdf Learn More
  20. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - DST-4-28 - Transformer, power. 115/230V 28VAC/200mA.
    Transformer, power. Input 115/230V VAC Dual Primary Winding(s) Dual. Secondary Winding(s) 14V/200mA each [14V/400mA in parallel and 28V/200mA in series] Maximum Power 6 VA. Package: 8 pin. Mount: PCB. Rohs compliant. More Info: http://ww2.pulseeng.com/products/datasheets/LT2007_42.pdf Learn More
  21. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - LP-34-340 - Transformer. 34CVT @ 340mA.
    Transformer. 12VA Semi Toroidal. Series: 34CVT @ 340mA. Parallel: 17 VAC @ 680mA. Package: Flathead 8 Pin PCB mount. Learn More
  22. Signal Transformers - IF-30-40 - Transformer. Dual 20V sec at 30VA.
    Transformer. 30VA, Dual primary. Input: 115V/230V. Output: 40VCT 750mA. Output parallel: 20V 1.5Amp. Dimensions: 2.68 long x 2.26 wide x 1.39" high. Low profile flat head. Mount: PCB. Weight: 1.23 lbs. More info:http://www.signaltransformer.com/sites/all/pdf/IF.pdf Learn More
  23. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER INC - PC-28-800 - Transformer. 24VA. 14V 1.6A or 28VCT 0.8A.

    Transformer. Power: 24VA. Output: 14V 1.6Amp or 28VCT 800mA. Mount: PCB 6 Pin. Note: Maybe replaced with equal EWC PC-28-800B52.

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