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  1. Oriental Motors - 2CSM-101 - Motor, AC. Synchronous.
    Motor, AC. Synchronous. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a 50-pole stepper rotor. The result is a synchronous speed of 72 rpms at 60 Hz with 50-pole stepper. Learn More
  2. MAJOR - 667960A1 - Motors, AC. 115VAC 0.78Amp.

    120V AC Motor - 3000 RPM. 115VAC 0.78Amp. Manufactures logo: "M".

    Learn More
  3. Magnetek - 379 - Motor, AC. 3 Speed 277VAC, 1050RPM.
    Motor, AC. 3 Speed 1/12, 1/15, 1/20HP 277VAC 1.1Amp 60Hz, 1050RPM. Sleeve bearing. Enclosure: OAO. Type: FE. Frame: 42, 5” D. Duty: CONT AO. Double shaft: 6-1/2" x 1/2" x 6-1/2". Listed: UL/CSA. Learn More
  4. JAPAN SERVO CO. - 6813744 TYPE KS6P8-11 - Motors, AC. 25VAC 50/60Hz 250/300RPM.
    Motors, AC. 25VAC 50/60Hz 250/300RPM. Complete with 20uF capacitor. Learn More
  5. GENERAL ELECTRIC - 5K134KK3129 CMF - Motors, AC. Supply: 230/460V 3 Ph 2HP 1150RPM.
    Motors, AC. Supply: 230/460V 3 Phase 2HP 1150RPM. Ball-bearing "TriClad" End-mounted C Face TENV 1150-RPM for 30 Minutes, Service Factor 1, 230V 6.8A or 460V 3-Phase 3.4Amp. 10-FT-LB Electric Brake by DINGS DYNAMICS 4-62010-30 208/220/440 50/60Hz 1-Phase 230/460V 1-Phase 60Hz Continuous duty. Learn More
  6. Electric Motors & Specialties Inc. - S60BHU4I 3-C1 - Motors, AC. 230V 1.8Amp.
    Motors, AC. 230V 1.8Amp, 1050RPM 1/5HP, 60 cycle. Rotation: CCW. AOM thermally protected.Capacitor 3uF 440VAC required, not included. Learn More
  7. Elwood Getty High Performance - 121-087-201 - Motor, servo. 4HP PM AC. 230/3Ph w/ brake.
    Motor, servo. 4HP PM AC. 3PH 230V18.6A 3.06kW, 2500-RPM, 4000-max. Stall: 164.6-Lb-In. Brake Stall: 175-Lb-In. IP66 TENV. Elwood Getty High Performance Motors. Dimensions: 6"sq x 19" long. Has a one-inch round shaft 2" long. Insul:H E147863 L:L Res 0.23-Ohm 40C. Learn More
  8. BODINE ELECTRIC CO. - 621QD5096 - AC Torque Motor Model
    KCI-26 115VAC 50/60HZ AC Torque Motor 5MINUTES @ 40% DUTY CYCLE2.3uF CAP INCLUDED 4-wire + 1-ground wire INTERMITTENT DUTYEACH W/MANUF SPEC/MANUF BX. Learn More
  9. BALDOR - TFC3641A - Motors, AC. 115VAC 6Amp 1075RPM.
    Motors, AC. 115VAC 6Amp 1075RPM 1/2HP 1PH, reversible 60HZ WT. Frame 48YZ. Shaft: 1/2" OD x 5-1/2" long. Shaft is flat on 2 sides. Weight 24 lbs. Learn More
  10. BALDOR - EM3218T-8 - 5HP 200V/3Ph 1750RPM 184T OPSB
    5HP 1750-RPM 3PH 60Hz 200V Super-E Premium Efficient Motor - Frame:184T Enclosure:OPSB ServiceF:1.15 90%Eff Base:Rigid Mounting:F1 Rotation:R Spec:36H945Y516G1 40C ambient Continuous - Suitable for Inverter Drives for Variable Torque and 23:1 constant torque. NEMA-184T 86-Pounds Learn More
  11. AO SMITH - BKL2074 - 3/4HP 115V 1725-RPM Reversible Fr:55 5/8"shaft
    General Electric Commercial Fan Split Phase Ball Bearing FAN Motor. REVERSIBLE 3/4-HORSE 115V/1Ph/60Hz 1725-RPM SF:1.25 Frame:56 11.2Amps 5/8" Keyed Shaft 1 5/8; Long. Model S48K4CA11A1 Replaces L185, H272 and D164 motors. Auto Thermally Protected Type:JS CODE:K SER:7L35 8-slot in mounting base. Nice & New Learn More
  12. Potter & Brumfield - PR5AYO-12VAC - Relay, AC. SPDT 25Amp 12VAC.

    Relay, control. Input: AC. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 25Amp. Coil Voltage: 12VAC 50/60Hz (1HP, 120/240VAC, 1PH 25Amp 277VAC). Mech Mtg: Panel, open frame. Note: Alt P/N: 466. Listed: UL/CSA. Made in the USA. Cross: NTE Equivalent NTE R04-5A30-12.

    Learn More
  13. Compumotor Corp - 71-006875-02 A57-51 - Compumotor. Dual shaft, 4 Wire.
    Compumotor. Dual shaft, 4 Wire. Mount: Panel, 2.25" square flange with 2-5/8" centers. Dimensions: body 57mm D x 53mm. Weight: 1.5 lbs. Learn More
  14. ASHLAND ELECTRIC - A66QBU-1Z - Motors, AC. Synchronous 230VAC 0.5Amp 1500RPM.
    Motors, AC. Hysteresis synchronous 230VAC 50Hz 0.5Amp 1500 RPM 1/25HP. Size: 84mm D x 130mm long. plus 20mm flatted shaft 3/4" long x 0.311" 8mm. Requires 5uF 330VAC capacitor, not included. Weight 5 lbs. Learn More
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