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  1. REXROTH Pneumatic - 561 010 508 0 - Smart Transducer 7,5bar
    5460289652 RG535B V3.01 4699 And 5460289672 PMRG21 V8.05 4699 Max .P(1)=7.5bar Aluminum block about 4.7 x 6.5 x 6.7"H with status LEDs and 2-character readouts. Learn More
  2. MAROTTA SCIENTIFIC CONTROLS - PLV130BA 4810-00-829-6163 - Hydraulic Valve 3,000-PSI 24VDC
    Solenoid Valve - Hydraulic Oil. 2-Position, Normally Closed. 3,000-PSI. 24VDC 1A. Stainless. AMC: 10179996 MAROTTA: 280164-E New. 4.25" x 3.6" x 2"wide. Learn More
  3. G W LISK CO - L-5144 - Flame arrestor/ Breather/ Vent Plug.
    Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $39.95

    Flame arrestor/ Breather/ Vent Plug. Used in a variety of applications, flame arrestors are designed to extinguish any flame which would try to pass through it. Also known as Breathers or Vent Plugs. The GW Lisk Flame Arrestor incorporates a corrugated metal element which provides a matrix of small triangular openings. The materials used, the opening size, and the element length is determined by the application. Metal tapes used in the element are very thin and therefore create a minimum amount of pressure drop. Dimensions: 2" D x 1-1/8" high.

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  4. AIRPOT CORP - 62820-2 - Dashpot. Adjustable Air Dashpot.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $16.95 As low as $9.98

    Airpot 62820-2 Dashpot. Adjustable air dashpot. Glass 0.74" OD with 2" long shaft with swivel attachment at both ends. Threaded panel mount with nut and threaded with nut at other end.

    Airpot’s pneumatic damping products are specifically designed to provide unparalleled damping and energy dissipation accuracy by eliminating friction from their working elements. The materials used have built-in lubricity, high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stability under temperature/humidity extremes, close coefficients of thermal expansion, and non-deteriorating performance due to age or non-use. The basic parts are a graphitized carbon piston, precision ground to millionths of an inch TIR inside an annealed, borosilicate glass cylinder with a precision fire-polished bore.



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  5. TOMCO - 3472R5 - Series 3400 Pneumatic Slim-Flow Quick-Connect Plug Fitting 1/4" Tube 316-SST
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $16.50 As low as $8.49

    TOMCO - 3472R5 - Valved Flareless Tube Plug Fitting 

    Tomco's precision line of couplers are ideally suited for instrumentation and chemical processing applications.

    316 Stainless Steel Construction

    Positive roller lock latching mechanism allows 360 degree swivel action

    One hand required to connect or disconnect

    Viton seals 

    Smallest possible dimensions with maximum orifice size.

    Integral flareless tube port fitting

    Temperature range +20F to 400 F

    Vacuum Data - connected 29.50 in. Hg

    1/4" Tube

    Packaged in factory reusable clear protective plastic tube

    Note: Valved plug P/N 3472R5 must be used with valved coupler P/N 3452R5

    Made in USA 



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  6. SMC PNEUMATIC INC - MHL2-25D - Air Gripper, Parallel Style, Wide Opening
    Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.6 MPa MHL2, Air Gripper, Parallel Style, Wide Opening - Air Gripper, Parallel Style, Double Piston, Wide Opening, Two Fingers, 25mm Bore, Double Action, Operating Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.6 MPa Effective Holding Force: 131N @ 0.5MPa - Bore Size: 25mm - Max Operating Freq: 60 C.P.M. - Opening / Closing Stroke: 50mm - Opening Width: 150mm - Closing Width: 100mmWeight: 1690 grams - Learn More
  7. BIMBA Flat 1 - FS-090.125-1 - Pneumatic Cylinder 1.5" Square, 1/8" Stroke
    Special Price $21.95 Regular Price $29.00

    BIMBA Flat 1 - FS-090.125-1 - Pneumatic Cylinder 

    Bimba Double Acting, single End Rod

    Bore: 1-1/16"

    Stroke: 0.125"

    Mount Type: Basic

    Bumper Type: None

    Rod Thread: Standard Female

    Temperature Option: Standard

    Hollow Rod: NO

    Rod Wiper: NO

    Excellent Slightly Used Condition

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  8. BIMBA - SF D-7939-A-3 - Cylinder, SS. 3" Stroke.
    Special Price $32.95 Regular Price $40.00
    Cylinder, SS. Stainless steel. 3" Stroke, vacuum actuation. Dimensions: 1.5" D x 9" long, 3/4" threaded bushing. Learn More
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $69.00
    FLAT II Stainless Steel Body Cylinders Learn More
  10. SMC PNEUMATIC INC - MHL2-20D2-Y59BL - Wide Opening Air Gripper - Parallel style
    Parallel Style Wide Opening Air Gripper 20mm-bore, Double Piston, Wide Opening, Two Fingers, 20mm Bore, Double Action, Operating Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.6 MPa Effective Holding Force: 74N @ 0.5MPa - Bore Size: 20mm - Max Operating Freq: 40 C.P.M. - Opening / Closing Stroke: 100mm - Opening Width: 150mm - Closing Width: 100mm - Weight: 1690 grams - Learn More
  11. SMC PNEUMATIC INC - CDQ2F40-130DC - Air Cylinders 9"Long 145psi 0.6"Shaft
    MAX PRESSURE 145 PSI 1.00MPa, 0.60"D shaft with internal thread 2.0 x 2.5"W x 9"L overall CYL COMPACT LONG STK AUTO-SW actuator Learn More
  12. PHD INC. - MA21RF1090X2-PK-DR-D1-D2 - Pnuematic Rotary-Linear Actuator.
    PHD MA21RF 1 090X 2-PK-DR-D1-D2 Pnuematic Rotary-Linear ActuatorNew, out of box. 13" x 10" overall 1/2" shaft. 9 lbs unpacked.SHAFT Learn More
  13. PARKER HANNIFIN CORP - DSH102N - Valve, threaded cartridge.
    Valve, threaded cartridge. This appears to be just the important insert for the whole valve ~ DSH102 is a 2-position, 2-way, N.O. or N.C., spool-type solenoid operated directional control valve. DSH102N 26 LPM (7 GPM). Learn More
  14. NORGREN - RCO21-20-50 - PNEUMATIC CYLINDERS 50mm Stroke
    Pneumatic cylinders. RCO 21-20-50 BORE: 20mm ~ STROKE: 50mm ~ 1-10 BAR 80degC 0.867"D x 6.86mmL rod unextended, 0.312"D threaded rad with nut Learn More
  15. Festo - 5322 281 20156 - exotic valve ass'y new
    Special Price $119.95 Regular Price $148.00
    EXOTIC VALVE ASS'Y - NEW 3...8bar 43.5...116psi1 Large, 7 Small input/outputs Learn More
  16. DESTACO - 82M-7R63C80-NA - Actuator 15-120-degrees 10-pounds
    ROTARY ACTUATOR 15-120 DEGREES IN 15DEG INCREMENTS 0.867"[22mm] SQUARE SHAFT. 82M-7R63 Series General Info: Drive:Right - Ports:1/4 NPT - Pounds:10 [ kg:4.6 ] - Clamping Force:3680 In-Lbs [420nM] - Inductive sensing module with LED display - DE-STA-CO Modell Nr 8PW-082-1 Learn More
  17. BOSCH - 081WV06P1V7001GDO - Valve, Pneumatic Directional
    Valve, pneumatic directional, manually operated. Pmax 315 bar. Size: 47mm x 50mm x 147mm long. Learn More
  18. Automatic Valve - P1407JACR-AA & A5984-AA - 1-1/4 Valve & Controller 120/60
    Automatic Valve USA P1407JACR-AA UL CSA 1-1/4" with a famous PETER PAUL ELECTRONICS A5984-AA 120/60 8.7w 150 3/64X1/16 RL Actuator Learn More
  19. ANSWER ENGINEERING - Turn Act - TA-350-90-PN-8E-8T-400-A00-R82 - PN 122-111-04-20 - Pneumatic Rotary Vane Actuator
    Special Price $269.98 Regular Price $350.00

    Answer Engineering- Turn Act - TA-350-90-PN-8E-8T-400-A00-R82 - PN 122-111-04-20.

    Turn Act Pneumatic Rotary Actuator - Special Clean Series Actuator - With Two Solid State Switches

    3/4" shaft Two cables AC/DC Reed Switch.

    Two 0.436" ID ports.

    350-In-Lbs @ 100-PSI

    210-In-Lbs @ 60-PSI

    deg rotation 4.5-IN-3

    Weighs 4.7 pounds.

    Approximate Dimensions: 3" square x 7" long plus 1.75" 0.75" rusty keyed shaft.

    Excellent condition but slight cosmetic rust on shaft from long term storage. 

    Product line imay now be owned by Parker.

    Additional Product  Line  Information: http://www.compactautomation.com/CorporateSite/media/itt/Resources/TechnicalData/Turn-Act_Products.pdf?ext=.pdf

    Proudly Made in USA

    Guaranteed not DOA.


    Learn More
  20. Zaytran - X87510 - Rotary air actuator, 400PSI. Set of 2.
    Hydraulic. Rotary air actuator, 400PSI. Set of 2. dimensions: approximately 6.3" long x 2" square. Shaft: 0.38" / 9.7mm D x 1" long. Learn More
  21. WATTS REGULATOR CO - B-6800 LC - 3-Piece, Full Port, Brass Ball Valve 400-psi
    3-Piece, Full Port, Brass Ball Valves - 1.25" threaded NPT end connections - LC � Latch-Lok handles latch and lock in �closed� position only. Pretty brass and red locking handle. Learn More
  22. Vickers / Eaton - KCG3250DZMUHL110 - Proportional Pressure Control Valve
    Valve, pressure. Proportional hydraulic pressure control valve. Controlled by varying the voltage to the proportional solenoid: up to 3.5Amps. 0.8ADC 29.1-Ohm P02/07 5.74 x 1.84 x 2.2" less connector. P Port pressure 350-bar With instruction sheet [in four languages]. NIB. Learn More
  23. SUN HYDRAULICS - XICA-XXV - All ports blocked cavity plug T-16A
    All ports blocked cavity plug ~ Cartridges : Corrosion Resistant : Cavity Plugs : 2 Port, All Ports Blocked. 5000-psI Series-3 Learn More
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