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  1. CP Clare & Co. - HGRM52112S05 - Relay Mercury Wetted Reed Relay, Contacts SPDT 100VA, 3V Coil.
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $120.00 As low as $28.98

    CP Clare & Co. - HGRM52112S05 Relay Mercury Wetted Contacts Reed Relay, SPDT 100VA, 3V Coil.

    Relay, Mercury Hg.

    Form: C,  Bistable

    Contacts: SPDT.

    Contact Ratings: 100VA.

    Coil Winding: Bifilar.

    Coil Voltage: 3 V Typical, 5 V Max.

    Coil Resistance: 26 Ohm.

    Current: 5 Amps

    Switching Frequency: 200 Hz

    Operating Temperature: -38 C to 85 C

    Mech Mtg: PCB, Unshielded.

    Size: 1.61x 0.565 x 0.435" high.

    Weight: 15 Grams

    Note: Mercury Wetted. Signaaling.

    UL Recognized, CSA certification, FCC68 Compatible

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  2. CP Clare & Co. - HGJ2MT54211P02 - Relay Mercury Wetted contacts DPDT 100VA-24VDC
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $148.50 As low as $28.98

    CP Clare & Co. - HGJ2MT54211P02

    Relay, Mercury Hg.

    Contacts: DPDT.

    Contact Ratings: 100VA.

    Coil Voltage: 24VDC.

    Coil Resistance: 1400 Ohm.

    Mech Mtg: PCB, shielded.

    Size: 1.6 x 1.0 x 0.4" high.

    Weight: 0.8 oz.

    Note: Mercury wetted. High sensitivity. Singe-sided stable, 1mS response.

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  3. Western Electric - WE327F - Reed Relay Dual coil SPST-NO
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $14.50 As low as $9.98

    Western Electric - WE327F RELAY Dual-Coil PCB-Mount Shielded

    Telephone Use


    Weight: 1.3oz

    Dimensions:1.9" x 0.64" x 0.6" high

    Metal enclosure

    Appears to have two coils 600-OHM & 80-OHM

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  4. Struthers & Dunn - 219ABA118 - Relay, 28VDC 6-Pole-10A 12-pin
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $59.88
    Relay, control. Input: 24-28VDC. Contacts: 4PDT plus 1-NO and 1-NC. Contact Ratings: 10A Gold diffused silver cadmium oxide contacts. Coil Voltage: 24-28VDC. Coil Resistance: 240 ohms. Connections: 12-pin plug-in. Mech Mtg: socket, clear plastic case. Alt P/N 6615661-A2. Weight: 0.5 lbs. Note: The empty cases sell for $23.00+ from Newark. Learn More
  5. Sigma - 6HX4C-200-GD - Sil Relay Special
    Special Price $64.95 Regular Price $84.50

    Two-Coil Hermetically Sealed Sensitive Relay - RFE 15-oz 16-slightly soldered terminals - 3.75" x 1.75"x 2.25"H - Used but good condition -=- Mighty expensive in the '60's coldwar

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  6. TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield - GM11A-120 - Open Frame Relay, 120VAC DPDT-3A Impulse / Sequencing RELAYS
    Special Price $39.98 Regular Price $69.00

    TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield - GM11A-120 - Open Frame Relay

    Ratings: 120VAC 1.6W

    Ratchet-Operated Impulse / Sequencing


    Single Coil 50/60HZ

    DPDT- 3A

    Repetition Rate: 10pulses/sec

    420-ohms 75mA

    50%duty cycle 5min ON, 5min OFF

    Genuine Potter & BrumfieldNew Old Stock

    Proudly Made in USA

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  7. MACROMATIC - SS60528 - Relay, time delay. Programmable TDR 24VDC.
    Relay, time delay. Contactor: 240VAC 10A. Coil: 24VDC. Connection: Octal. Electrical conf: DPDT. Body: 1.75 x 2.4 x 3.6" above socket. Weight: 5 oz. Time delay: 0.1 sec - 2 hrs. 16-Ranges via four top-mounted DIP switches. Min/max Control pot on top. Upon application of the control voltage (24) the relay contacts transfer for the preset time, then switch back. Input voltage must be removed and reapplied to reset the time delay . Learn More
  8. Magnecraft/S&D - B255XBAP-115/125D - Relay, control. DC. 2 (NC) 1 (NO) 1 (SPST) 125VDC.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: 2 (NC) 1 (NO) 1 (SPST). Contact Ratings: 10Amp. Coil Voltage: 125VDC. Coil Current: 20 mA (latch) /15mA (reset). Coil Resistance: 6250 Ohms (latch) /8400 Ohms (reset). Pickup/Dropout: Maximum pick-up 100VDC. Connections: 12 Pin base Plug-In. Packaging: Enclosed. Note: B255 Series, 219 style, 2 Coil latching. Factory new, each NIB. Made in the USA. Coil marked 45570-43C. Learn More
  9. JOHNSON CONTROLS INC. CT - 108-4/110V - Relay, DC. 110VDC Coil.
    Relay, DC. Midtex, 156-14F100 4PDT 110VDC relay inside octal housing. Special relay manufactured for The University Of Alaska. Labeled: Graphic/Alarmlite 108-4/110VDC. Mount: 8 Octal plug-in. Color: black. More info: http://facilities.alaska.edu/uaf/fsinfo/0record/FS248-/FS413-FS413-12-MECH-Johnson-GraphicAnnunc-1984-FS413-BLU-MECH-011-00-1984.pdf Learn More
  10. Crouzet Schneider GORDOS - 741A-7 - 24VDC SIP Dry Reed Relay, Solid State Relay, Normally Open Contacts.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $9.50 As low as $5.98

    GORDOS Reed Relay 741A-7,  74 Series SIP, Solid State Relay

    Features: These Gordos Relays are molded in semiconductor-grade molding compounds that meet Underwriters Labortories 94V-0 flammability rating.

    RF Characteristis 

    • Insertion loss 0.3 dBA from 1 to 500 Mhz 
    • Isolation: 30 dB min. from 1 to 600 Mhz.
    • Characteristic Impedance 50, or 75 Ohms

    Compatible with automatice insertion.

    Logic compatible.

    4 Pin PC Mount

    Nominal  Coil Voltage  - 24VDC

    Must operate Voltage - 18.0 VDC

    Must release Voltage -  2.4 VDC

    Maximum Voltage - 35 VDC140529-3

    Reed Relay SIP Dry SPST NO Contacts 1750 ohm coil

    Note:Outer pins are the contacts, inner pins are 1750 ohm coil.

    Alternates: 62F4042, W117SIP-5, JWS-117-5, HE3621A2400, 3-1393771-5


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  11. CP CLARE - A-47628 - 120VDC 18Kohm Octal Shielded Plate Relay
    DPDT Bifurcated precious metal contacts - Coil: 18,000 ohms [57,000 turns #44 FMX] New (old stock) Relays Steel Enclosed with 8-pin Octal Plug and metal frame mounting bracket - pulls in around 60VDC ~ probably 110-120VDC coil Learn More
  12. Automatic Electric - 1PW54131A1 - Stepping Switch, 48VDC.
    Switch, stepping. Type 44 Switch, 3-deck, 11-position, 1-deck, 10 position, non-shorting wipers, 2 of the 4 decks gold-plated; SPDT interupter contact, 120 ohm coil; will operate switch at 36VDC but rated for 48VDC. In Original Styrofoam box. Learn More
  13. ALLIED CONTROLS - POYHX-11 - 3PDT 24VDC Hermetically sealed relays
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $69.00
    3PDT-25A? Very heavy solder terminals - 740-Ohm 24VDC coil, (pulls in at about 16V) Older stock Hermetically sealed bright silver can - Look to be explosion proof & bullet resistant Double marked C-775491-1 P52 1.8"x2.6"x3.1"tall Plug large lugs. Learn More
  14. ALLIED CONTROLS - PBHX2 - 24VDC 4PDT-15A Hermetically Sealed
    14-pin Solder-hooks thru glass = Hermetically-sealed 4-threaded stud mount 1.5"Square x 2.75"High 300-ohm coil 7OZ Learn More
  15. ALCOSWITCH - FRL-201 - Switch, pushbutton. Safety switch.

    SAFETY SWITCH Compact ON / OFF PushButton Switch and a relay automatically trips OUT if power supply stops / fails. MUST MANUALLY RESTART - Ideal where immediate restart after power failure is hazardous. 115VAC 5Amp 3-wire P/BUTTON ISOL TRANSF-RELAY / SWITCH 0.88 x 1.3 x 1.8" behind panel

    Alco Switch was acquired by Tyco Electronics now TE Connectivity. 

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  16. DATRON - 93GB61-4-BA-5.5K - Relay, Double Pole, Electrically Held, DPDT, 110 VDC Coil, Contacts 10Amps, 24 VDC
    Special Price $78.98 Regular Price $160.00

    DATRON - 93GB61-4-BA-5.5K - High Performance Relay

    Military - Aerospace Relay

    Hermetically Sealed

    High Shock and Vibration Rating

    Shock Resistance: 100 G's,  6+/-1mS

    Coil: 110 VDC, 5500 Ohms 

    Contacts: 10 Amps, 28VDC

    Contact Material: Silver Cadmium Oxide

    Operating Temperature: -65 C to 125 C

    Mechanical Life Expectancy: 1,000,000 Cycles

    Connections: Solder Terminals

    Overall Dimensions: Height 1.25" X Length 1.765" X Width 0.530"

    Bailey Control P/N 1946286A6

    New Old Stock



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  17. WELCH - H20V22GR700P - 18-32VDC DPDT Coaxial 1/2-crystal can Relay
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.95
    18-32VDC DPDT 1/2-crystal can Miniature Coax Relay 700-OhmHermetically Sealed - Presoldered with 6- teflon coaxial leads 7" long0.42 x 0.8" x 1.27"L with terminations Learn More
  18. U.S.R.C. - 95-281 - 115VAC DPDT-10A Herm-sealed Relay
    Special Price $79.98 Regular Price $129.50

    US Relay CO. - U.S.R.C. - 95-281 - Hermetically Sealed Metal Can

    DPDT-10Amp at 115VAC/29VDC 115VAC

    1350-Ohm Coil

    8-pin Round Connector ( Not Octal ) plug-in And Screw down lock - 1.4 x 1.5 x 3"H

    Unused but been around since the Cold War (Manf. Date 1957)

    New Old Stock,

    Weight 0.37 pounds


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  19. Relcomm/Lucent - RMM-SR001 - Relay, coax. Coil: 24VDC.
    Relay, coax. Contactor: RF. Coil: 24VDC. Connection: Coaxial cables. Electrical conf: SP4T. Latching with TTL. For RF applications. Alt P/N: CC407255991. Complete with specification sheet. Learn More
  20. MAGNECRAFT/S&D - 788XBXCM4L-120VAC - Relay, 120VAC DPDT-12A and Press-to-Test
    Special Price $11.99 Regular Price $14.77

    Relay, 120VAC. Contacts: DPDT-12A and Press-to-Test. With Indicating LED. Mech: Plug-in.

    Learn More
  21. CUTLER-HAMMER - 6042H114 - Contactor. 3PDT 400Hz.
    Relay, Special. Input: 115VAC-400Hz. Contacts: 3PDT. Contact Ratings: 25Amp 28VDC/115-200VAC. Coil Voltage: 115VAC-400Hz. Connections: 16 screw terminals with nuts. Packaging: Hermetically Sealed, blue enamel. Size: 6"L x 3.3"W x 2.85"H. Weight: 3 lbs. Note: 5945-007104553, SKS13742. Continuous duty. Class B. Learn More
  22. TE Connectivity AGASTAT/AMERACE - EGPD002 - 1423176-6 - 125VDC 4PDT 15Amp, Time Delay/Timing Relay, Removed from Equipment
    Special Price $38.98 Regular Price $68.50 As low as $32.98

    TE Connectivity AGASTAT/AMERACE - EGPD002 Nuclear Qualified Time delay / Timing Relay

    125VDC 4PDT 15Amp

    1.75"Sq X 4.5"H W 3/16"(M)


    Note: Used /Removed from equipment

    Alternate: TE Connectivity 1423176-6

    Retails new for 0ver $1000.


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  23. Western Electric - AM1 - Relay, telephone. 10-Poles Double-throw
    Special Price $19.95 Regular Price $25.00
    10-pole Double-throw Western Electric telephone relays. Two 1300-ohm coils, one for each set of 5 precious metal bifurcated contacts. Absolutely beautiful construction, W.E. did such nice work in the 50's and '60's . . . may be a small bit of rust that would not effect operation. Learn More
  24. TRIMPOT - 3101J-000-2001B - Relay, special. Coil: 33.4VDC 2000 Ohm.
    Relay, special. Contacts: 1A. Coil: 33.4VDC 2000 Ohm. Connection: 8 solder hooks. Electrical conf: DPDT. Mech: 4 mounting tabs. Body: 19.6mm long including 8 solder hooks, 10mm wide and 5.5mm. Weight: 0.1 oz. Hermetically sealed MicroMechanical. Bourns. Learn More
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