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  1. Philips - NXA1031/01 - IC, optical. Area CCD Image Array.
    Special Price $23.98 Regular Price $58.50

    Philips - NXA1031/01,

    IC, optical.

    Area CCD Image Array - Frame Xfer, EIA TV Std. Vertical pixel count = 490.

    Horizontal pixel count = 610. Vertical pixel dimension (m) = 18.6u.

    Horizontal pixel dimension (m) = 9.9u. Horizontal dimension (m) = 6.0m.

    Vertical dimension (m) = 4.5m, Vsup nom.(V) supply voltage = 20,

    150mW. Case: 24 Cdip gold leads.


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  2. Unidentified MFG - SD112-42-11-221-404 - Electro Optical device TO-5.
    Electro Optical device. Soldered on boards 2.5"X2.75". Case: TO-5. Learn More
  3. PCB PIEZOTRONICS, INC. - 348A - Accelerometer.
    Special Price $189.95 Regular Price $249.95
    Accelerometer. ser# 888 Learn More
  4. SICK OPTIC ELECTRONIC - KT5-N1111 - Contrast sensor.
    Contrast sensor. Q=NPN, 10-30VDC 100mA out. Double marked 1011492. Housing material: die-cast zinc. Connection Type: Connector M12, 4-pin. Complete with manufactures operating instructions. Learn More
  5. SICK OPTIC ELECTRONIC - CS1-P3611 - Colour sensor.
    Colour sensor. Q=PNP, 12-30VDC 100mA out. Double marked 1012859. Housing material: die-cast zinc. Connection Type: Connector M12, 5-pin. UV-LED. Complete with manufactures operating instructions. More info: http://www.sick.com.hk/CS-1.pdf Learn More
  6. Unidentified MFG - 3-065 - Rolling Ball Tilt Switch, 4 Position Direction Sensor, 50mA. TO-39 Case, Poor Man's Accelerometer.
    Special Price $0.89 Regular Price $1.25 As low as $0.39

    Rolling Ball Tilt Switch. Direction indicating Switch, TO-39 style case. Gold plated leads, Highly Sensitive to detect basic motion/orientation. Environmentally safe, non-mercury electronic switch. Sealed type available for heavy humidity environment, free from bad connection problem caused by contact oxidization. Poor man's accelerometer. 

    An internal gold-plated ball inside the sealed case touches one of 4 leads when tilted about 25-degrees or more. Since the leads are 90-deg apart you can sense which direction the device is leaning or tie the 4 together and any shaking or movement off level will cause contact closure. Has four leads on the bottom and one on top.

    Rolling Ball Tilt sensors allow you to detect orientation or inclination. They are small, inexpensive, low-power and easy-to-use. If used properly, they will not wear out. Their simplicity makes them popular for toys, gadgets and appliances.

    Typical Applications - Alarms, Safety, Security, Directional Position, Vibration, Movement Detection.

    Significant discounts in Quantity purchases of 100, 300 or more.

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  7. TELEMECANIQUE - XUE-H307534 - Photoelectric detector/sensor/emitter with cables.
    Photoelectric detector/sensor/emitter with cables. Through beam: 50m. Long range emitter: 1<200mA. Ue: 12...48v. Learn More
  8. Philips - RPW100 - Sensor, photoconductive infrared.
    Sensor, photoconductive infrared. One channel. Photosensitive area2.0= (mm2). Spectral response low: 6.5u=(m). Spectral response high: 14u=(m). Re Min.(V/W) Responsivity=23. Element operating temperature: 22. Package: TO-39var. Note: Amperex P/N: 4-53044-2. Learn More
  9. Meriam Instruments - 5-458 - Complete oxygen sensor - O2 board only.

    Complete oxygen sensor - O2 board only. No Case. Includes P5098 valve and 80C32.

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  10. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton.... - 6200AS6505 - Sensor. Retroreflector, clear.
    Sensor. Retroreflector, clear. Dimensions: 2-3/8" OD. Series A1 UPC # 78-2114-21677. Learn More
  11. BRAD HARRISON - 45810-001 - Nano Change Molded Connectors
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $37.50
    Quick disconnect systems. Nano Change Molded Connectors 24 AWG(0.25mm) 105 C Learn More
  12. SMC - D-M9PSAPC - Sensor, solid state. D-M9PSAPC.
    Sensor, solid state. 3 Pin micro-change connector, male, straight with D-M9PSAPC. Overall length: 22". Onamba-M. VW-1. AWM 2844. Learn More
  13. ROBOHAND - OHSP-002 - Sensor.
    Sensor. On a single ended 3 conductor unshielded cable. Learn More
  14. National Semiconductor Corp - LM74CITP-3/NOPB - IC. 12 Bit plus sign temperature sensor, internal.
    IC. 12 Bit plus sign temperature sensor, internal. Output Type: MICROWIRE�, SPI�. Supply voltage: 2.65V to 3.6V. Lead free. Package: 5-XFBGA SMD, T/R. Rohs compliant. Operating temperature: -40 to 125 Deg C. Learn More
  15. CLAIREX - CL5M5L - Photo-resistive cell. Used.
    Photo-resistive cell. Single element cells CDS/LDR 1.5K-Light Res Photocell. Cut leads approx 1/2". CDS=Sensitive material 5500=PK.Spectral Response, A1.5K=Light Resistance Max volts =170. Used. Learn More
  16. Aerodyne Controls - 791-5-000 - Switch, accelerator, 2G. Sensitive.
    Switch, accelerator, 2G. Sensitive. Enclosed, 4 pin (3.3mm leads). Dimensions: 41mm long x 26.1mm wide x 26.3mm high. Note: Each with an S/N. Navord No. 10001-2507624. Contract No. N00024-84-C-6064. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  17. Military - 5961-00-311-8824 - Photo device. Application: Photovoltaic diode. 7903355-00.
    Photo device. Application: Photovoltaic diode. Note: Alt Part number 7903355-00 = CTMZ7903355-00. Silicon. Learn More
  18. Seiko Instruments - S-80829CLY-B-G - IC, sensor. Voltage detector 2.9V.
    IC, sensor. Voltage detector 2.9V. Type: Simple reset/power-on reset. Number of voltages monitored: 1. Output: Push-pull, totem pole. Reset: Active low. Case: TO-92 plastic. New. Learn More
  19. Keyence - BL-180 - Sensor. CCD Bar-Code Reader. New.
    Sensor. CCD Bar-Code Reader. NIB, with instruction manual. Learn More
  20. Comus International - AG1242-4TR- Sensor, motion.

    Sensor, motion. Housing contains small conducting spherical object balanced on the center lead pin that creates a closed-contact when the base is tilted from true horizontal position, Enclosed 6.6mm D max at base, metal housed, one lead. New. Note: From manufactures 13" T/R.

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