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  1. UNIMAX - A365A-Y - WD21X10261 - A364090 - Push Button Switch, Interlock. Contacts: SPST Normally Open. 125VAC 15A
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $8.98

    Switch, micro P/B. Contacts: SPST NO. Contact Ratings: 125/250VAC 15Amp. 3/4 HP, 125VAC, 1 1/2 HP 250VAC: 1.8" x 0.6" x 0.6" less QC terminals and push button - one 1/4"QC at the end of each switch. Note: Color: brown or black . Alernate Part Numbers WD21X557 as used in numerous applicances as interlock door switches. Replaces AP3994765, 1263984, AH1481922, PS1481922, WD21X0557, WD21X557, and B00MNMS81Q. Save Big $$ and repair those appliances yourself.

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  2. T-BAR - 902-108C - T-BAR SWITCH 108PDT NEW 108-Pole Double Throw
    108-POLE T-BAR SWITCH NEW 3-ganged 36-Pole Switches may be unconnected and used independently. The 902 series is desinged to switch dry circuits to a maximum 1 amp for use in data. Thermocouple and instrumentations circuits. Terminals are designed to accept T-Bar Connectors or solder holes provided. Protected again normal ambient dust conditions. Designed for use in controlled enviroment such as test areas, computer control rooms, broadcast studios and network management centers. 3.5"L x 2.5"H x 1.4" behind panel, requires three 0.5" mounting holes - NEW - 0.75-lb Learn More
  3. Piezo Switch Development - G23NNYA-42408 - Switch, piezo. P/B NO SPST-Pulse. PiezoSwitch, 60V AC/DC 200mA.
    Switch, piezo. Pushbutton NO SPST-Pulse. PiezoSwitch. 60V AC/DC 200mA. Housing: stainless steel, with rubber grommet and mounting nut. For 5/8" hole. 2 Conductor wire, 6". Learn More
  4. Honeywell/Microswitch - AS419A1 - Switch, tilt. Miniature mercury tilt switch.

    Switch, tilt. Miniature mercury tilt switch. Package: glass envelope with 6" wire leads. Dimensions: 0.175" OD x 0.9" long. ***PURCHASER AGREES TO HANDLE WITH CARE AND ACCEPT ALL LIABILITY. GLASS IS BREAKABLE AND Hg IS VERY DANGEROUS***

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  5. EAO SWITCH - 704.911.2 - Contact block for switch. One NC 10Amp 500VAC.
    Contact block for switch. One NC 10Amp 500VAC (250VDC 0.25A, 125VDC 0.5A). Slow make switching element. Screw terminal. Listed: CSA/UL 827E. Red Learn More
  6. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton * - 8130K20J15V51 - Center-Off Motor Rev Rocker Switch

    DPDT Center-OFF Motor Reversing (Already cross strapped ) White rocker stamped with FWD & REV - Three Position - MOTOR REVERSING ROCKER 6A-125VAC 2A-277VAC With (6) 1/4" StakOn lugs - see picture 1.45" wide x 1.33" x 1.16" behind panel - don't see quite how to mount it. Neither side is momentary.

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  7. Automatic Electric - 1PW54131A1 - Stepping Switch, 48VDC.
    Switch, stepping. Type 44 Switch, 3-deck, 11-position, 1-deck, 10 position, non-shorting wipers, 2 of the 4 decks gold-plated; SPDT interupter contact, 120 ohm coil; will operate switch at 36VDC but rated for 48VDC. In Original Styrofoam box. Learn More
  8. TYCO/ALCOSWITCH - BP1532-0 - Hardware, switch boot. Splash-proof seal.
    Hardware, switch boot. Splash-proof seal for pushbutton switches, 15/32-32 thread size. Use with Series MSPF MPG. Learn More
  9. TYCO/ALCOSWITCH - BP1532-2 - PB Switch Boots New rubber.
    Special Price $2.21 Regular Price $2.95
    PB Switch Boots New rubber 15/32-32 threaded Switch seals Rust colour. Learn More
  10. Matsushita - S-3TV-3 ESB-702T-671 - Switch, pushbutton, latching. DPST-3A
    Switch, pushbutton, latching. Contacts: DPST. Ratings: 3A 250VAC. Actuator: push-on, push-off. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: panel mount 2 threaded holes 0.80" spacing. Note: Snap switch. Use knob #4509, 8-431 Learn More
  11. Lorch Electronics Corp - ES-353 - Electronic Switch -12V +5V
    Special Price $7.46 Regular Price $9.95
    Electronic Switch -12V +5V Code Ident No. 29971each with serial number New bulk. ALT NO 7-136 Learn More
  12. LICON - 76-1290 - Switch, limit with manual reset. Contacts: DPST.
    Switch, limit with manual reset. Contacts: DPST. Contact Ratings: 10A 125/250VAC. Actuator: two positions, maintained. Connection: four solder terminals. Mech: riveted on small plate. Body: 0.25" x 1.2"L x <1.0"H. Note: Has unusual mechanical reset once roller/lever is pushed and snaps.. Learn More
  13. LEDEX - 170207-001 - Rotary Actuator, 24 VDC, 18 Position.
    Rotary Actuator, Directly-driven, 24VDC, 18-positions, 20-degree increments. A control deck with an interrupter contact and homing positions at 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14 and 17. Coil resistance 12 ohms. The un-populated decks positions will accommodate 3-6 decks of 20 degree, switch decks with mounting centers of 0.241 with a double-flat 0.25-inch diameter x 0.221 (ground flat thickness.) [Note: The coil is intermittant duty only and must be used with the self-interrupter contact to home reliably.] Learn More
  14. Honeywell - 32003440-005 - Three phase enclosed bypass switch.
    Three phase 60Hz enclosed variable frequency drive bypass system. Inverter Bypass With Overload Protection. 200/208 = 7 1/2HP / 240V = 10HP / 480V = 20HP / 600V = 20HP OVERLOAD AMP RANGE = 22-27 AMPS - Learn More
  15. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton.... - E51 Demo - Proximity Switch Demonstration Kit

    Switches, Proximity. Demonstration Kit containing 15 items from the E51 switch line. Rugged construction is ideal for industrial environments. Viton� gaskets ensure a positive seal and high resistance to industry chemicals. Direct replacement for worn out limit switches. Sensor heads and bodies feature captive screws to eliminate loss. All sensor heads include a selector switch to program output function to either N.O. or N.C. Sensor bodies feature bifurcated engagement prongs for a reliable connection when plugging into receptacle stabs. Sensors accommodate both U.S. and DIN mounting dimensions. Wiring terminals feature captive pressure plate saddles for #18 to #12 AWG wire. Logic modules are available to provide additional control function. Case contains: E51SAL, E51DT1, E51RA. E51SAL, E51DS1, E51RAP3. E51RN. E51SNL. E51SPL. E51DS1. E52RAL12T111. E51DS6. E51DT5. E51DT7. E51DT8.

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  16. C & K Components - 3U0210L02 - Switch, BCD. Pushbutton 0-9, 1 Amp.
    Switch, BCD. Pushbutton 0-9, 1 Amp, two tiny pushbuttons: Up or Down, snap-in front mount. Gold-plated contacts & PC board.More info: http://www.ck-components.com/3/thumbwheel,10595,en.html Learn More
  17. Westinghouse - 654D962G13 - Manual Motor Starter 1HP with Enclosure


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  18. UNMARKED - TR-11236 - Transformers. 36V 250mA.
    Transformers. 36V 250mA. Mount: chassis, open frame, 4 wire. Dimensions: 2-1/3" wide x 2" deep x 2" high with 2-7/8" mount centers. Learn More
  19. SWITCHCRAFT - 8-272-1 - 4x Switchbank in a Box
    Switchbank-in-a-Box ! 4-gang push button switch bank. Push one inand you cancel the others. All 4 Switches are DPDT-3Amp Leaf Switches by Switchcraft. Mounted in a nice new aluminum box 4.2"W x 2.1"H x 6"D Terminated in a DB-25P(APP. 4.25"wide x 5"deep x 2"high. ) with a male DB-25 Connector on back. Learn More
  20. ITT Schadow - 3-621 - Switch, Push Button Latching. 6PDT + DPDT.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $8.98

    Switch, pushbutton. Two individual latching pushbuttons on a metal plate about 2" x 1-3/8". One switch appears to be two position 6PDT and the other is DPDT. PC Terminals on one side and solder terminals on the other. Selling cheap because the precious metal is starting to tarnish. Cleanable.

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  21. S - 3-266 - Switch, rotary. 1P3T (One pole 3 position) A-B-C.
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $8.98
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T (One pole 3 position) A-B-C. Contact Ratings: 10Amp 250VAC/6.3Amp 250VAC. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: Panel, single hole 0.777" (19.7mm) D, threaded. Panel hole: 24.4mm D x 2.1mm in front of panel. Note: Coin operated, flush. Learn More
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $18.00
    NURSE CALL STATION SWITCH WITH RECESSED BUTTON & A RED & WHITE IND. LIGHT. MALE 7 PIN DIN CONN. ON END OF A 6' 7COND. WHITE CABLE.the switch is a spst n.open. there is also a 2"speaker in the case Learn More
  23. Mossman - B2123087 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 6PDT, Iridium.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 6PDT, Iridium. Actuator: Side-mounted 1/4" shaft. Elect config: non-shorting. Body: approx 4.5"L x 2.8" x 1.3" . Panel hole: 3/8" threaded bushing. Note: Two-position, maintained. Very heavy duty Learn More
  24. Honeywell/Microswitch - PTY2091 - PUSH / PULL 2-Position Maintained NO Lens
    PUSH / PULL 2-Position Maintained NO Lens or Switch Assembly Model-B Learn More
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