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  1. TAKANAWA MFG Co - TSN304P - Motor, AC Induction. 115V 0.22A 1800RPM.
    Motor, AC. Reversible. Induction motor 115VAC 0.22Amp, 1800 RPM 50/60Hz. CW. 4 Wire. Dimensions: 3.27" D x 3.375" high. Plus - Shaft: 0.235" D x 1-1/16" long. Capacitor required: 2uF, not included. The rotational direction is based on the connections of the two windings and a 2 microfarad AC-rated phase-shift capacitor. The two windings are color-coded with black and green wires. The run winding leads are black. The phase-shift winding leads are green. There are no polarity markings on the leads. Rotational direction is trial-and-error. We have no manufacturer�s data on the motor beyond the nameplate. The following procedure works. To get the motor to run: Connect one black and one green lead to one side of an AC line cord. Connect the other green lead to one side of a 2 microfarad AC-rated capacitor. Connect the other black lead to the other side of the capacitor and the other side of the AC line cord. Plug in the AC line cord and note the rotational direction. If it is the way you want it you have the proper connections. If the rotational direction is not what you want, switch the two green leads, without changing any of the other connections. The motor will now rotate in the opposite direction. Learn More
  2. SERVO - 77454 - 1063-1 - Motors, AC. 115/200VAC 60HZ, 1300RPM, 12W
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $12.50

    SERVO - 77454 1063-1 Motors, AC.

    Input Power: 115/200VAC 60HZ

    Spped: 1300RPM

    Power: 12 watt.

    Torque: 1.1 Oz In.

    Splined shaft.

    Capacitor 0.8uF required, not included.

    Learn More
  3. Magnetek - 596 - Motor, AC. 3 Speed 1/8, 1/12, 1/4HP 277VAC, 1075RPM.
    Motor, AC. 3 Speed 1/8, 1/12, 1/4HP 277VAC, 1075RPM. Sleeve bearing. Double shaft: 9” x ½” x 9”. Capacitor required 5uF (MFD) 370VAC, not included. Learn More
  4. MAGNETEK - 8-181965-00 - 3/4HP 200-230/460V 1140-RPM PolyPhase Century
    Century AC Condenser Fan Motor - PolyPhase 3/4-HP 200-230/460V 60/50Hz 3.4-3.1/1.55Amps Frame:T56Y type:SC Flatted & Keyed 6" long Shaft 0.69"OD SF:1.00 Continuous Duty - Shaft Up AOM: 50Hz 950-RPM Approx 6.5"OD x 8.5"LongNEMA-T56Y Learn More
  5. MAGNETEK - 790 - 1/2HP 460V 1-Ph Permanent Split Cap Motor
    1/2HP 1075-RPM 460V 60Hz 1-Phase 1.6Amp Ball-Bearing 1/2" Shaft flatted twice x 6" Long. 10uF 370VAC Cap required (supplied) A.O.Smith: FEH1056S MagneTek: HF3L7089N Universal Electric - Thermally Protected. Learn More
  6. Franklin Electric - A-86 - 1/2HP 115V 1725-RPM Reversible BLOWER Motor
    1/2-HP Continuous Duty - Class A Insulation, Split Phase - sleeve bearing , resilient mounting, Open dripproof, Auto Reset for Overload, Rev Rotation, Frame:48, special shaft 0.5" under 0.62" collett. 440 1140 409 Nice Learn More
  7. EATON - NFXF25A0-1 - Motor drive and control
    Motor drive/control. NFX9000. Input: 100-120VAC 1 phase 6 Amp. OUT: 0-240VAC 3 phase 1.6A 0.25HP. Frequency range: 0.1-400Hz out. UL/CSA Learn More
  8. BALDOR - 35B11-372 - Motor, AC. Supply: 208-220/440V 3-Phase
    Motor, AC. Supply: 208-220/440V 3-Phase. N/P Current: 5.0-4.6A/2.4A. Speed: 1725 RPM. Frame Size: 56. 40C-ambient Learn More
  9. AO Smith - C770 - 1HP 200-230/460V 1075-RPM M56Y OAO
    1HP 460/200-230V 2.4/4.8A 1Ph 60Hz Vertical Frame56 Permanent Split Capacitor, Condenser Fan motor. Reversible - 25uF 370VAC cap - 5/8" flatted & keyed Shaft 6"long, Auto-protected - Class B moisture resistant Insul, Double sealed ball bearing, positioning lugs for belly-band mountingNEMA-M56Y OAO SF:1.0 35-Pounds Learn More
  10. WEG / MaxiRex - W895 - Motor, AC. 1P 1/3HP 115/230V 1725 RPM.
    Motor, AC. Nema 48, single phase, 1/3HP 115/230V 1725 RPM, 60Hz. Fully enclosed with a 0.613", 0.560, threaded 0.50". Model: 7QK56C17D1100E P. Learn More
  11. Hansen Synchron - A12RC-6 - Motor, AC Timing. Supply: 110VAC, 60 Cy.

    Hansen Synchron - A12RC-6 Motor, AC Timing.

    Supply: 110VAC, 60 Cy.

    Speed: 300 RPM

    Note: Red, Blue, Green - Color wheel assembly.

    (Used in our Colorimeter Chromascans).

    Condition: Used/RFE.

    Made in USA

    Learn More
  12. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - SS25-1138 - Motor, stepper. Slo-Syn 120VAC 0.1Amp.
    Motor, stepper. Slo-Syn 120VAC 0.1Amp 1000RPM 2.0 OZ In. Dimensions: 2.224" square base with 2.5" mount centers. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  13. PACKARD - 20003 - 1/8HP 1050RPM 230V Shaded Pole
    Shaded Pole Motor - 1,050 RPM, 1/8HP 230V 60Hz 1.5A CCW Sleeve Learn More
  14. Oriental Motors - 3IK15RA-AULA - Motor, AC. 115VAC 60HZ 0.46Amp 4P.
    Motor, AC. 115VAC 60HZ 0.46Amp 4P, 15watt thermally protected. Speed control motor. Shaft: 1/4" OD x 1-1/4" long. Capacitor 4uF required, not included. Weight: 2.3 lb. Learn More
  15. MARATHON - 56C34F5544 - Motor, AC. 1P 115-208-230VAC 1/2HP 3450RPM.
    Motor, AC. 1P 115-208-230VAC 1/2HP 3450RPM. Frame=56C-65 TEFC. New. Learn More
  16. Franklin Electric - 150 1500 402 - 1HP 980 / 1075RPM 208-230/440VAC
    1HP 208-230/460VAC SINGLE PHASE MOTOR 980/1075RPM - MOUNTING FRAME 56) - SHAFT-Hmpe SPECIAL Auto Overload Learn More
  17. Electric Motor & Specialties Inc. - S16HB5 - 1/4HP 625RPM 115/60
    Pancake style motor 1/4HP 625RPM 115V 60Hz 4.4A 1ph. CCW rotation. Requires a 20uf 236vac cap. (not included). 6 wing mounting. app. 11"from tip to tip. App. 5"high. Fan duty LR11447. Learn More
  18. Bodine Electric Co. - 621-QE - KCI-26 AC Torque Motor
    KCI-26 115VAC 50/60HZ AC Torque Motor 5MINUTES @ 40% DUTY CYCLE2.3uF CAP REQUIRED IS INCLUDED. 4-wire + 1-ground wire INTERMITTENT DUTYEACH W/MANUF SPEC/MANUF BX. 6210E5069, 621QE5074, 621QE5056, 621QE5006. Learn More
  19. BODINE ELECTRIC CO. - 0747HB5016 - Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotor Model
    200RPM Parallel Shaft AC gearmotor Model Cont Duty 115VACRFE, Supplied with capacitors RFE Used [Tested Good 4-23-15] Learn More
  20. BALDOR - KL3401 - Motor, AC. 1PH 1/6HP 115/230V 4.6/2.3A, 1140RPM.
    Motor, AC. 1PH 1/6HP 115/230V 60Hz 4.6/2.3Amp, 1140RPM. Frame: 56C. Enclosure: TEFC. Note: Useable at 208V 2.6A. ALT P/N: 34C63-5612. Weight 23 lbs. Learn More
  21. AO Smith - DA3D209 - 1/20 HP 115/230VAC SINGLE PHASE MOTOR
    1/20 HP SHADED POLE 115/230VAC 2.8/1.4A. 1050RPM SINGLE PHASE MOTOR SLEEVE BEARING 3/8" x 31/8" SHAFT ROT. CWSE WT. 8.5 LB. (MANUF. A.O. SMITH) Learn More
  22. AO SMITH - 324P124 - Motor, AC. 1PH 1/2HP 208-230V 2.7A, 1075RPM/3Spd.
    Motor, AC. 1PH 1/2HP 208-230V 60Hz 2.7Amp, 1075RPM/3 Speed. Sleeve bearings. Thermally protected, type C. Dimensions: 5-5/8" D. Shaft: 1/2" flattened x 5.75" long. Note: Capacitor 7.5uF 370VAC required, not included. Max amps: 3.4A. Direct drive fan & blower motor. Learn More
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