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Find all of the electrical wires and cables you need at Electronic Surplus. As a professional surplus wire and cable distributor, we only carry professional-grade brands, such as Amp Inc. and Alpha Wire Co. Our manufacturers have made a name for themselves in the industry and have proven themselves as producers of reliable product lines.  

As a discount electronic supply store, we work hard to make the latest products readily available to you. If the electrical wire or cable you’re looking for isn’t in stock, fill out our part request form and we’ll get back to you shortly. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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Common Amperage  
Strand Type  
  1. 3M 15 items
  2. Unmarked 79 items
  3. Hitachi 4 items
  4. Alpha Wire Co. 15 items
  5. Aires 1 item
  6. AIM Electronics 1 item
  7. Amp Inc 21 items
  9. American Science 1 item
  10. Amphenol 1 item
  11. Amphenol/Spectra-strip 6 items
  12. AT&T 3 items
  13. ARC 6 items
  14. AT&T-E 1 item
  15. AT & T. 1 item
  16. Andon 1 item
  17. ARK-LESS CORP. 1 item
  18. Anixter 1 item
  19. Beau Interconnect System/Vernitron 1 item
  20. Belden Wire 45 items
  21. Berg/Dupont 1 item
  22. BERK-TEK 4 items
  23. BAILEY CONTROLS CO. 1 item
  24. BELDEN 2 items
  25. Cables To Go 1 item
  26. Brand Rex 3 items
  27. Brad Harrison 3 items
  28. CABLCON 1 item
  29. Champlain/Exar 2 items
  30. Carol Cable 1 item
  31. Carol 1 item
  32. Carroll Ferguson 1 item
  33. Concord Electronics 1 item
  34. CODENOLL 1 item
  35. COMM/SCOPE 5 items
  36. COLEMAN 1 item
  39. Control Methods 1 item
  40. CME Wire 1 item
  41. Citco/Chester Cable 3 items
  42. Custom 2 items
  43. CW 1 item
  44. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton * 1 item
  45. Dearborn 2 items
  46. Dekoron / Unitherm 1 item
  47. DANIEL WOODHEAD CO 2 items
  48. DELPHI PACKARD 1 item
  49. Eaton 1 item
  50. DU PONT 1 item
  51. ESSEX COMM. 2 items
  52. Ethermo Electric 1 item
  53. General Electric 1 item
  54. General Cable 1 item
  55. GENERAL INSTR. 1 item
  56. Gould 2 items
  57. HABIA 1 item
  58. HADES 2 items
  59. Hewlett Packard 5 items
  61. HATFIELD 1 item
  62. Hirakawa Hewtech Corp 1 item
  64. Hubbell 1 item
  65. HP/Agilent 3 items
  66. ITT 1 item
  68. KENCO PUMP DIVIS10N 1 item
  69. JCH W &C 1 item
  70. JSC Wire & Cable 2 items
  71. Leviton 2 items
  72. LESLIE LOCKE 1 item
  73. LEYBOLD-HERAEUS 1 item
  74. MAJOR 6 items
  75. Lumberg 6 items
  76. MADISON CABLE CORP. 4 items
  77. MARLIN 1 item
  78. Manhattan 1 item
  79. MARKEL CORP 1 item
  80. MCM ELX 1 item
  81. MISC 3 items
  82. MOLEX 12 items
  83. Texas Instruments 2 items
  84. NEK CABLE 1 item
  85. NICHIFU 3 items
  86. Northern Wire & Cable 1 item
  88. Omega 1 item
  90. Panduit 6 items
  91. PERFECT 10 1 item
  92. PARLEX 1 item
  93. PARLEX CORP 1 item
  94. PICKER X-RAY 1 item
  95. RAYCHEM 2 items
  96. Radiall 1 item
  97. ROYAL APPLIANCE 1 item
  98. SAFCO 1 item
  99. SAM WOO 1 item
  100. REMEE 1 item
  101. SANSUI 1 item
  102. SPECTRA-STRIP 16 items
  103. Switchcraft 1 item
  104. STANFLEX 1 item
  105. T&B/Ansley 13 items
  106. TENSOLITE 1 item
  107. Tenna Corp 1 item
  108. T & B 1 item
  109. Teledyne Thermatics 1 item
  110. TEENSOLITE 1 item
  111. THERMO ELECTRIC 2 items
  112. Thermax 2 items
  113. TRIANGLE PWC 1 item
  114. Turck 1 item
  115. VANCO 1 item
  116. USA 1 item
  117. Waldom/Molex 4 items
  118. VIctor Electric Wire 2 items
  119. Western Electric 1 item
  120. Watlow Gordon 1 item
  121. Woods 1 item
  122. Yazaki 1 item
  123. Zierick 1 item
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  1. Alpha Wire Co. - 3580/14 - 3590/14 SL005 - Cable, ribbon. 28-14C.

    Alpha Wire Co. - 3580/14 - 3590/14 SL005 - Cable, Ribbon.

    28-14C. (28 AWG 14 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: Stranded 7/36 TC flat red trace wire.

    Cable Diameter: 0.010".

    Operating Temp: 105 Deg C.

    Insulation: PVC Gray.

    Note: Working voltage 600V, VW-1 Style 2561.

    Priced by foor, Minimum Order Length 10 feet.

    Alternate: TE Connectivity 1-1437356-6


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  2. THERMAX - HMS2-1480/3-16BSJ-2 - Cable, military. 16-3C. (16 AWG 3 Conductor).
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $12.98

    THERMAX - HMS2-1480/3-16BSJ-2 Cable, Multiconductor, Stranded Silver Plated.

    Special Purpose Cable.

    16-3C. (16 AWG 3 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: Stranded Silver Plated.

    Cross Sectional Shape: Twisted.

    Shielding: Braided.

    Jacket Insulation: Teflon, TFE Tetrafluoroethylene

    Note: Shield and Inner Conductors are Silver Plated.

    Temperature: -65 C to +200 C

    White-jacketed with internal Conductor Colors of Red, White and Black.

    OD 0.20". (All 3 conductors are twisted within the braid shield and jacket).

    Priced by the foot, Minimum order Length: 10 Feet.

    Alternate: BELDEN 83337E 0091000, B83337E



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  3. VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - UL 3239 - 3239-22-20KV - High Temperature High Voltage Cable, 20KV, anode. 22-1C. Package of 100 ft.
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $42.50 As low as $24.98

    VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - UL 3239 - 3239-22-20KV - High Temperature High Voltage Cable

    3239-22-20KV wire is a 22 awg wire having a high temperature, high voltage insulation made for easy stripping. These wires have high dielectric strength and are flame retardant. 

    Cable, hook up.

    22-1C. (22 AWG 1 Conductor).

    High Voltage, 20KV, Anode.

    Cable Diameter: 0.131".

    Operating Temperature: 80 DegC.

    Note: Prod 15519 117P7128, FR-1 UL AWM E20316.

    Applications: TV receivers, stoves, heaters, furnaces, dryers, signs, lighting fixtures, and high-temperature electronic devices.

    Package of 100 feet.

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  4. VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - 117P7128 - 3229-22-20KV - Black - Cable, 20KV, Anode. 22-1C. Double Insulated.

    VICTOR ELECTRIC WIRE - 117P7128 - 3229-22-20KV Black - Double Insulated Cable, Hook up.

    High voltage fire resistant cables coated with a self developed fire retardant (FR) pvc compound that halts the spread of fire even in extreme temperature cases. The compound also offers a high dielectric strength and high insulation that is resistant to radiation, corona, and ozone. 

    22-1C. (22 AWG 1 Conductor).

    High Voltage, 20KV, Anode.

    Cable Diameter: 0.131".

    Operating Temperature: 80 Degree C. (176 F)

    UL Style/Standard: UL 3239

    AWM: Appliance Wiring Material

    FR-1 UL AWM E20316.

    VW-1 (Vertical-Wire) Flame Test (UL 83) (Formerly FR-1)

    Temperature: 200 C

    New Old Stock

    Alternate P/Ns: 40770 Black, Newark 84R9619, Daburn 2636/22A, 3229-22-20KV Black 

    Applications:  May be used in TV receivers, transformers, stoves, heaters, furnaces, dryers, signs, lighting fixtures, and high-temperature electronic devices.

    Note: Priced per Foot. Minimum order length is 10 Feet. Longer Lengths Further Discounted.

    Packages weighing over 5 lbs. require extra shipping charge dependent upon destination. 


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  5. VANCO - TNC14X - Coaxial Cable, 50 Ohm RG-58U (RG58 RG58U). Length: 14 Foot Long.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $9.95 As low as $4.98

    VANCO - TNC14X Coaxial Cable.

    The interface specifications for the TNC and many other connectors are referenced in MIL-STD-348. The connector has a 50 Ω impedanc and operates best in the 0–11 GH frequency spectrum. It has better performance than the BNC connector at microwave frequencies. 

    50 Ohm RG-58U (RG58 RG58U) Coaxial Cable with a TNC Male Connector.

    Voltage Rating: 500 Volts Peak

    Dielectric withstanding Voltage: 1500 Volts RMS

    Insulation Resistance: 5000 MOhm Minimum

    Power Handling: 316 W 1Ghz @25 C

    Temperature Range: -65 C to +165 C

    Crimp TNC Coupling Interface ensures connector with not de-couple in vibration-intense applications.

    Straight TNC Male Connector Plug on one end.

    Materials: Teflon Insulator, Brass Body with Nickel Plating, Gold Plated Contact.

    Attachment Method: Crimp/Solder

    Length: 14 Foot Long.


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  6. Unidentified MFG - RG6UL60-1000' - Cable, coax, RG6/U 75 Ohm. 18-1C. Sold 1K'/Reel.
    Special Price $149.98 Regular Price $219.95

    RG6UL60-1000' Cable, Coax, RG6/U 75 Ohm.

    RG6/U is a coaxial cable almost identical to the RG6 coaxial cable. There are many assumptions as to what the U in RG6/U stands for. The most common ones include that it stands for underground, UV resistance, or Universal. All these three properties make the cable ideal for all purposes.

    18-1C. (18 AWG 1 Conductor).

    Heavy-Duty Quad Shielded RG-6/UL 18AWG Coaxial Cable

    75 Ohm 2200 MHz Coaxial Cables for Maximum Signal Transfer and Minimize Interference.

    It is a heavy-Duty Quad Shielded RG-6/UL 18AWG Coaxial Cable.

    100 Percent Aluminum-Mylar Shielding.

    Conductor Type: Solid.

    Cable Diameter: 0.273" (6.8m).

    Insulation: PVC, Black.

    Priced by the Reel, Minimum Order Length: 1,000 Foot/Roll.

    Note: Packages over 5 lbs require extra shipping depending upon destination.

    Weight: 35 lbs / 1K Feet.

    Applications: Video Coaxial Communications Cable for TV's, VCR's, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas and other coaxial enabled devices. 

    UPC 4183504110

    UL E236426

    Note: (For small quantities See our ALT P/N: A019).

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  7. USA - A019 - Cable, coax, RG6/U 75 Ohm. Package of 100ft.
    Cable, coax, RG6/U 75 Ohm. 18-1C. (18 AWG 1 Conductor). Conductor type: solid. Shielding: aluminum and foil. Cable diameter: 0.273" (6.9mm). Insulation: PVC, black. Package of 100 feet. Note: Alt P/N: RG6UL60. Learn More
  8. Belden - 8216 - RG174A/U - Wire, coaxial. RG-174A/U 50-Ohm 26AWG.

    RG174A/U Wire, Coaxial.

    Belden 8216 type RG174/U is a 50 ohm flexible cable often used for RF, ethernet, wifi, data, pigtails and other 50 Ohm requirements. This UL listed RG174/U cable has a 26 AWG PVC outer jacket. It contains a stranded bare copper covered steel center conductor with a polyethylene (PE) dielectric and tinned copper braided shielding to protect against RFI and EMI interference.


    Wire Gauge: 26AWG.

    Type: Stranded 2/Tinned Copper Braided Shield.

    Conductor Strand: 7 Strands / 34 AWG

    Outer Insulation: PVC Polyethylene 

    Outside Diameter: 0.110" OD.

    Jacket Color: Black

    Style 1351.

    Outdoor Rated, UL

    Alternate: BEL1288-100-ND

    Priced Per Foot

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  9. Unidentified MFG - 7-108 - Audio RF, RCA Male Straight to RCA Male, Right Angle. 8".
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.49 As low as $0.79

    Unidentified MFG - 7-108 - Audio, RF.

    The RCA connector was invented in the 1940s and was first used to connect an amplifier to a phonograph. They are sometimes referred to as phono connectors due to this original purpose, even though they can be used to carry both audio and video from many different devices. 

    Cable: RCA Male Straight to RCA Male, Right Angle.

    Molded Ends

    Braided Shield

    Length: 8".

    Applications: Perfect solution for applications having restrictive space requiring a Molded Right Angle RCA connector. Customer reported example: Heathkit SP2A Preamp Inputs

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  10. SPECTRA-GUARD - 151-2831-020 - Shielded / Jacketed Zip Planar Cable, Ribbon. 28-20C SH. Spool of 100 Ft.
    Special Price $189.98 Regular Price $369.50 As low as $169.98

    AMPHENOLE SPECTRA-GUARD - 151-2831-020 - Cable, Ribbon. 28-20C. (28 AWG 20 Conductor).

    Ribbon cables provide a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to mass termination. They also have space and weight saving advantages over other wiring methods and are ideal for use on computers, peripherals, and interface units, audio and digital equipment.

    Status: Discontinued

    Conductors: Stranded 7/36. (7 Strands/36AWG)

    Shielding: Aluminum/Polyester (EMI-RFI), 2 Drain Wires.

    Jacket (Insulation) Material: Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

    Operating Temperature: -40 C to 105 Deg C.

    Insulation: Ectruded Flame Retardant, Black, 0.030". 

    Impedance: 70 Ohms and 50 Ohms with Shielded also Grounded

    Conductor Material: Copper, Tinned

    Insulation Resistance: 10 GOhm

    Voltage Rating: 300 V

    Current Rating: 1 Amp

    Cable width: 26.92mm

    Note: Zip cable 300V, Flexible, Jacketed.

    Terminates to Standard IDC connectors - 0.050 pitch, 1.27mm-flat, 3mm thick.

    Class 2, JZIP-2028-007-050.

    Box: 18" x 18" x 2"

    Weight 9 lbs. On Sale - 100 foot Spool.

    Note: Standard shipping is up to 5 Lbs, Extra cost dependent upon destination.

    Approvals: UL, CSA

    Applications: Primary cable is zippable for branching or discrete terminations

    Alternate: 3M 3517-20, SS20H-100

    Note: Packages over 5 lbs. require additional shipping charge dependent upon destination.

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  11. SAM WOO - Cigarette Lighter Plug, 12 VDC, 2 Amp, Coiled Spiral Stretch Power Cord, LED Indicator.
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $3.98

    SAM WOO - SW-1002 Coiled Spiral Curly Power Cord.

    Coil cords are recognizable for their spring-like shape, but that coiled design provides the cord with a lot more benefits than just aesthetics.  Not only is the cord able to extend further when in use while being able to retract to take up less space when not in use, but that flexibility of design can also create a lot of benefits.

    Cigarette Lighter Plug with a Red LED Power Indicator.

    Cord Stretches up to 4 feet.

    Polyurethane Jacket

    Has an Internal, Replaceable 2 Amp Fuse.

    Single Ended 2 Conductor.

    Color: Black

    New Old Stock



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  12. Royal Appliance - 9-064 - Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Power Cord. Single ended 18 AWG, 2 Conductor SVT 10A 125V, 35 Foot, Abrasive Resistant.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $16.50 As low as $4.98

    Royal Appliance - 9-064 Molded Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Power Cord.

    Single Ended 18-2C (18AWG 2 Conductor Copper) ungrounded SVT 10 Amp 125V.

    Wire Resistance: 18AWG Copper wire is 0.0064 ohms per foot.

    Standard Male Plug (Type A) Molded with Cord Holder

    Abrasion Resistant, Vacuum Cleaner Cord, Heavy Duty.

    Replace your Frayed or Chewed Appliance Cords.

    Length: 35 feet.

    Color: High Visible Red.

    Type "A" plugs are mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan.

    Note: A durable stiff, slick jacket is essential, because soft jacketed cords too easily get curly like a phone cord after a while from being drug around corners.

    Applications: Applicance cords, Extensions cords, Christmas lights, Projects.

    New Old Stock

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  13. Picker/Philips X-RAY - 350953 - Jumper Cable, 74868 - RG-11/U Coax Cable, UG-573A/U RF N Connector Male to Male. 24 inch length.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $26.95

    Picker/Philips X-RAY - 350953 - Jumper Cable, 74868 - RG-11/U Coax Cable, UG-573A/U RF N Connector Male to Male. 24 inch length.

    Highest Quality Heavy Duty Medical Grade Coax Cable, Used/Removed from Equipment. 

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  14. OMEGA ENGINEERING - PCC-SMP-U-100R - T/C Type-U PCB Connector
    Thermocouple Connectors NEW Type-U 90 Deg Pcb mount with retainging clip. Bulk pkg'd.Omega Eng USA. Learn More
  15. Habia Power Limited - A060 - Cable, Multi-Conductor NEC 725-2b Signal Cable, Plenum. 22-20C, 150 C FEP.

    Habia Power Limited - A060 - Cable, Multi-Conductor NEC 725-2b Signal Cable, Plenum.

    Habia Power Limited designs and manufactures thousands of specialized cables and harnesses for leading businesses every year. From satellites to submarines, they can build the right solution for any application, no matter how demanding. Whatever it is you need to conduct safe, reliable and efficient operations, they will make it happen. Specializing in high quality Custom cable applications. 

    Habia Power Limited Cable is since 14 October 2022 fully owned by HEW-KABEL Holding GmbH.

    22-20C. (22 AWG 20 Conductor).

    Conductors concentrically cabled on a common axis with clear mylar binder tape 

    100% Aluminum/Polyester foil shield facing in with continuous contact to helically served tinned copper drain wire one AWG smaller than insulated conductors for maximum shielding from electrostatic interference

    Conductor Type: Stranded Tinned Copper 7/30 (7X0.32mm).

    Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Insulation provides superior cut-through and abrasion resistance

    Paired: 10 Pairs.

    Shielding: Foil with Drain Wire for exceptional protection against EMI.

    Cable Diameter: 0.372".

    Conductor Temperature Rating: 150 Deg C. Extended Temperature

    Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal

    UL Fire and Smoke Rated

    National Electrical Code NEC 725-2b.

    Voltage Rating: Class 2 (150V).

    Note: This Tightly Wrapped Multiconductor Cable is stiff 

    Applications: Security Systems, Intercom Systems, Sound/Audio System, Power-Limited Controls, Point of Sale Systems, Remote Control Circuits, Process Control and Instrumentation, Power Limited Control Circuits. Multiconductor cables can be found in thousands of common applications including medical electronics, computer peripherals, communications, audio and sound, instrumentation and control, and data transmission.

    Additional Information https://www.habia.com/globalassets/documents/this-is-habia-2022.pdf

    Note: Priced by the Foot, Minimum purchase 20 feet.

    Removed from 250 Foot Reels  - Approximately 25 lbs per Reel. 


    Learn More
  16. ETHERMO ELECTRIC - A116 - Cable, thermocouple. 20 AWG solid T/C-2C.
    Cable, thermocouple. 20 AWG solid T/C-2C. (20 AWG sold T/C AWG 2 Conductor). Shielding: foil with drain. Cable diameter: 0.256" OD. Note: Chromel-constantan type E. Purple jacket. Learn More
  17. CODENOLL - 9-301 - FIBER OPTIC Cable & Conn 11"
    11" Fiber Optic CablePolished End with Threaded Connector (Similiar to Threaded SMA)Blue Jacket Single Strand Croc100 Learn More
  18. BELDEN WIRE - WR20315 Type SO - Cable, Unshielded. Type SO. 14-3C.

    BELDEN WIRE - WR20315 Type SO - Cable, Unshielded.

    14-3C. (14 AWG 3 Conductor).

    BC - Bare Copper

    Type SO.

    Extra Heavy/Thick Rubber Jacket.

    Conductor Type: Stranded, Unschielded.

    Cable Diameter: 0.55".

    Internal Wire colors: Brown, Blue, Green - 14awg 3C

    Note: E-3462. LL-7874.

    Applications: Heavy Duty Flexible Power cords.

    Priced by the Foot. Minimum order Length: 50'.

    Learn More
  19. ARC - A020 - 9505 - Multi-Conductor Twisted Pair Computer Cable, !0 Conductor Shielded with Drain Wire. 24AWG-10C.

    ARC  - A020 Cable, Multi-Conductor, Shielded.

    24-10C. (24 AWG 10 Conductor).

    Conductor Material: Tinned Copper (TC)

    Conductor Type: Stranded 7 X 32.

    Paired: 5 Twisted Pairs.

    Shielding: Foil with Drain Wire.

    Shield Material: Aluminum Foil/Polyester Tape

    Jacket: Semi Ridgid - Polyvinyl Chloride PVC

    Cable Diameter: 0.325".

    Rating: Type CL2 = "Class 2 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits" cable, suitable for in-wall installation.

    Low capacitance.

    Temperature: -30 to 80C

    Insulation Colors - Each Twisted: Blue/Brown, Yellow/Orange, Voilet/Gray, Black/White, Red/Green.


    Priced by the Foot, Minimum order 20 Feet. 

    Applications: For computers, communications, instrumentation, sound, control, audio, Video, data transmission and EIA RS-232.

    RS232 Applications: Computer Communications; Low Voltage Analog Signals (4-20ma, 0-10v, ...); Low Voltage Digital Control (24v, …); Line Level Audio; Panel Wiring

    Alternate/Equivalents: Beldon 9505 060100, Alpha 5475C, General Cable C0604A, Omni BEL9505, Wirexpress B9505

    Learn More
  20. AT&T - WRP-06P - Cable, multiconductor. 26-6C.
    Cable, multiconductor. 26-6C. (26 AWG 6 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded. Insulation: gray flexible 0.16" OD. Minimum order length: 25'. Note: ITT WRP-065. Internal colors: green, yellow, red, orange, black and brown. From: 2500 foot spool. Learn More
  21. ARC - A022 - Cable, shielded. 24-12C.

    Cable, shielded. 24-12C. (24 AWG 12 Conductor). Shielding: foil with drain (low capacitance). Cable diameter: 0.31". Operating temp: 80 degC. Insulation: Gray PVC jacket. Minimum order length: 50'. Note: CL2/80C, 6 pairs, stranded.

    Learn More
  22. Amazon Basics - E119932-T - DVI-D Dual Link to DVI Monitor Adapter Cable - 9.8 Feet (3 Meters)
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $9.50 As low as $6.98

    Amazon Basics - E119932-T - DVI-D Dual Link to DVI Monitor Adapter Cable - 9.8 Feet (3 Meters)

    Gold plated DVI-D Dual Link to DVI (24+1) connector for optimal conductivity

    High speed transmission rates up to 9.9 GBPS

    Max. Resolutions up to 2560X1600

    Includes ferrites to prevent signal loss

    Connector Type: DVI-D, Cable Type: DVI

    Color: Black

    Applications: Connect your DVI equipped device to flat panel displays, digital CRT displays, projectors, HDTV and Video Projectors, including DFP and LCD types.

    Learn More
  23. Western Electric - L4BY-03-10C - Telephone Patch Cord.
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $32.95

    Western Electric - L4BY-03-10C - Telecom.

    Telephone system, stretch phone patch cord with WE-464A dual 1/4" plugs and 8' coiled stretch cord to WE-240A belt clip with locking switch with another 3' cord with four conductors, black.

    Genuine Vintage Western Electric - New Old Stock

    No phone or headset included.

    Learn More
  24. Unidentified MFG - SPH388 - SPH386 - IEC 320 C14 Male to IEC 320 C13 Female Power Jumper Extension Cable Cord 9 Ft.
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $4.98

    SPH388 - SPH386 - IEC 320 C14 Male to IEC 320 C13 Female Power Jumper Extension Cable Cord 9 Ft.

    This high quality UL Rated Cable that plugs between a PDU and Computer is the backbone of any Data Center or Network.

    IEC320 C14 Male Plug to IEC320 C13 Female Receptacle Power Cord

    10 Amp Black 9Ft

    IEC Computer monitor extension cord 10Amp, shielded 18-3C (18AWG 3 Conductor).

    Jacket: SJT CSA.

    One Molded Female to one Molded Male.

    Length: 9 Foot Black.

    Applications: Monitors, Computers, Commercial/Industrial Test Equipment & Computers.

    Note: Will mate our female connector P/N 43R03 SKU 4821, sold separately.

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